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Our offer results from more than 15-years experience in the Polish market.
The list of services has been divided into the following groups:

  • Airports
  • Roads and bridges
  • Rail roads
  • Petrol filling stations and refineries
  • Industrial floors and car parks

Below detailed the mainly carried out services:

  • Cutting, drilling holes with wide diameter and cutting off of parts of the concrete and asphalt construction
  • Drilling holes in concete pavement in order to pick up samples and to assembly different types of equipment
  • Cutting of expansion, contraction and compression joints in concrete pavement
  • Chamfering and sealing of wild cracks in concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Cutting of slots for induction loops, cables and pipes
  • Grooving - Cutting of grooving nails on air-traffic pavement to prevent aquaplaning and improve the ride properties
  • Grinding – grip improvement of concrete air-traffic pavement and scraping of longitudinal and transversal unevenesses
  • Joint sealing using cold and hot-pour sealant and compressed-preformed seal
  • Replacing of concrete slabs using quick-setting concrete
  • Joint restoration
  • Repair of cracks in asphalt pavement
  • Sealing of rails
  • Impregnation of concrete surfaces
  • Preparation of substructure and micro-surfacing on concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Restoration of  micro-surfacing using polymer-concretes
  • Cap coating on bridge objects
  • Construction and installation of soundproof walls on bridges and other engineering objects
  • Re-cutting of joint flanks and repairing of broken edges in concrete surfaces
  • Crack restoration in concrete surfaces using diagonal anchoring in accordance with OAT owned Patent-No. DE 3526792
  • Crack restoration in concrete surfaces using special metal clamps
  • Installation of dowels and tie-bars in concrete surfaces
  • Carrying out tin resin-based friction course on new concrete subgrade
  • Concrete pavement repair using advanced resin systems
  • Reprofiling of concrete surfaces using advanced resin systems
  • Injection of resin mortar into the cracks in concrete slabs
  • Insulation and waterproofing of flooring in humid spaces using the modern resin systems
  • Sealing of linear and point drainage
  • Road marking on warehouse and parking floors
  • Preparing documentation of realized projects using video technology



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