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1. General rules of running a business activity.

  • We want to be an independent enterprise.
  • We shall be developing the enterprise the best we can, basing on the technologies familiar to us and the needs of the Polish market in terms of the specialist maintaining and repairing measures on all sorts of traffic arteries.
  • The quality and the efficiency of work - and nothing except these - are the basis of our future existence.
  • We want to achieve a profit which will be sufficient to finance our development needs and other targets laid out.
  • We want to permanently maintain the leading position on the Polish market.
  • We place knowledge, creativity in construction and implementation of the technological progress on the highest position in our company. We use modern technologies as a chance to develop our enterprise, rationalise our work and the increase of its efficiency. Being in close co-operation with scientific centres and societies assembling professionals we actively contribute to the development of the specialist maintaining and repairing methods of the traffic arteries.

2. The rules concerning the requirements of the market.

  • In terms of quality and utility our services must entirely satisfy the highest demands of the clients. Only thanks to this will we be able to gain our clients’ trust.
  • Our duty is to inform our clients in such a way that they are able to make conclusion whether our services will be useful for them.
  • Each person employed in our company must behave as a seller of our services. We assume that a client is always right.
  • We cannot discredit any Competitor. The sales of our services must be based solely on their real value.
  • Our clients should feel the fact that in case of enterprises of OAT group they deal with one organisation in which there are the same rules of action.
  • Every client of our company should be convinced that his needs will be properly understood and that a person who is conducting negotiations will do everything to work out and present the most useful and effective solution to the problem.
  • We oblige ourselves to provide services on the presently highest level of the knowledge and technology and moreover to be an initiator in our branch.
  • In relationships with our Clients, Providers and Competitors we follow the rules of partnership and widely approved trade norms.
  • The scale of our activity is the result of the needs of the market. Our activities are aimed at satisfying these needs.
  • We remember that every penny earned by us comes from our Clients.

3. The rules of proceedings with our Employees.

  • We particularly emphasise the education, employment according to qualifications and permanent professional development.
  • The efficiency is the guarantee of maintaining the post.
  • All possible measures will be taken to assure the work places.
  • We value individual achievements of an employee; we help the employee to identify with the performed work. Thanks to the appreciation of his or her achievements we create positive work atmosphere and support the motivation for further individual professional development.
  • Each employee is informed in such a way so that he is able to perform the assigned work properly. It is expected that the employee will be fully using his or her knowledge and skills for the good of the company and colleagues.
  • We expect from our employees that they will be initiative and creative in the realisation of the targets laid out for the enterprise. Moreover, we expect high efficiency of work, continuous decrease of the costs, adapting to the company’s rules and customs and continuous increase of qualifications.

4. The rules of dealing with natural environment.

  • We take it into account that the natural resources as well as soil, water and air are available to a limited extent.
  • We want to fulfil our social duty to protect the environment and support the development of the infrastructure.
  • We actively contribute to the protection of the environment and not waiting for the administrative instructions we realise our services in such a way that there are no negative influence on the natural environment.
  • We actively participate in the works of the associations of higher public utility aiming at increasing the public  good.
  • Our target is to be perceived as a modern company creating and supporting technological progress and protection of the natural environment.


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